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Devin Finzer of Opensea – Open Gaming with NFT’s , his influences and the importance of staying lean as a startup.


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Intro – Devin’s Background

2 mins – How Crypotkitties changed everything. Devin’s early skepticism – could have been built without Blockchain. Crucially, it launched open and interoperable games.

3.30  – Interoperability has led to easier trading. ERC-721 standards has allowed for Dharma, Composables and lots of other creative opportunities.

5.30 – Scaling Ethereum – Backwards compatibility, difficulty running a full node. Second layer scaling is occurring. Not decentralised yet but Devin is hopefully.

7.30 – On chain is ok for Decentraland because it has high value NFTs. Devin talks about different ways to avoid paying too much gas per transaction. Simply signing contracts without onchain fees. Bundling may help with low value items.

10  – Best place for new users to start on Opensea. Gods Unchained, minimal blockchain, strong gaming experience vs blockchain dependent games like Cryptovoxels. Very excited for Decentraland.

13 – Liquidity problem for NFT’s . Dutch Auctions, declining price auction. New feature is bidding, not available on Decentraland yet. Bundling also helps liquidity. Buying and selling in MANA coming to Opensea.

15 – New features on Opensea – Customer feedback. Bundling came from Etheremon. ERC 20 tokens for trading helps. Stablecoin support is coming.

16.30 – Dai Stablecoin is exciting. Soon to be integrated.

17.40 – Crytpo baseball launched by Lucid. Tested the interest for mainstream users. Trying to get through Metamask etc. Secondary marketplaces are interesting for existing IP owners.

19.40 – Reducing UI friction – Hosted Metamask, mobile wallets and user and password logins will improve the situation. Lots of innovation happening.

22.30 ( interference) – Mobile wallets – Vault, Coinbase and Trust Wallet are promising.

24 mins – How has the Crypto Bear market affected Opensea? Not as affected by crypto bear market as coin speculators. Small group of avid fans have persisted and experimented.

26.15 – Why didn’t you do a token sale? Skeptical of the long term model for tokens. Very hard to get right from a regulatory and incentive point of view. Product first focus in Opensea. Opportunistic token sales may have put the cart before the horse. Should be for someone who has product market fit.

28.30 – Who influences you? Nadav from Dharma, Cryptokitties team and ZRX team. Tony Sheng.

30 – Where you can find out more about Opensea.






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