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Urban Osvald of 0xCert – The Non Fungible Alliance, Technology and Community



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Getting started in Crypto – From speculation to building.


1 min  – Slovenia had Bitstamp – Vibrant community.


2.45 – Ethereum had more capabilities but cryptokitties was the main draw. Academic credentialing was the first idea. 0xCert grew out of that.


4.30 – 3 areas of focus – Tools, Community and Product


6.30 – Non Fungible Alliance – Ecosystem needs to be built by breaking out of the Blockchain bubble.


9 mins – Example of a physical NFT? – Law and regulation vary widely. House example


12 mins – Roadmap and Mission for 0xCert


16 mins – What projects excite you? Building is where the hype is, not just promoting. 2019 is going to be a very exiting year for shipping products.


20 mins – UX issues – Big challenge, need to abstract away from blockchain.


22 mins – Decentraland is very promising – Very large and strong community. – Wide use cases. Experiments are a very good thing. Difference from Second Life. Resilience.


24 mins – Nifty Conference – Important milestone.


26 mins – Most challenging elements – ICO – Challenges excite Urban. Tech, Ideological and other debates.


28 mins – More info 0xCert information –


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