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Carl Fravel – Decentraland District Leader – Lessons from a Life in VR


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2 Mins – Carl’s background – 3d models marketplace – Second LIfe experience – Sansar Creators Guide – Carls Book on the platform – Led to introductions to Decentraland Founders Via Adam Levine.

3 mins – Second Life Journey – How it improved over time.  – How he got into Crypto – attracted to companies more so than mining. Built a relationship with

5 min – Importance of owning land in Decentraland. Transition to a decentralised future is attractive to Carl. VR is as valid as any other experience. VR memories are stored like any other in daily life. Carl sees the great potential.

7 mins – taking Ari and Esteban on tours of second life. – some interference here. – condensed nature of parcels is a positive.

8 min – Low end display is a positive – Mobile devices will be usable. Trade offs vs higher frame rate on Sansar and High Fidelity.

9 min – scarcity of land – It is speculative but that is inevitable pre-launch. May be bubbles but nobody knows.

10 mins – Lessons learned – Second Life as a rough and tumble place, illegality. Necessity of stepping in at this time. My Tiny Life – case study on behaviour and content. Moderation will be challenging

13 min – Second life is easy to get started which is important. Decentraland will hopefully have similar characteristics. In world collaborative building in Second Life is very good. There is a lot of strong in world commerce in Second Life and Decentraland may be the same.

15 min – Tapering off of growth in Second Life – new VR generation will help.
There is a learning curve. Newbie mistakes in a new culture.

17 – VR for beginners – Some districts in Decentraland will allow flying. Be overly courteous – Don’t be a Troll. Districts help with moderation. You can leave a district if you don’t like the content. Light centralised control.

19 – Transitioning to a fully decentralised world. – Going to get easier to use crypto for new users. Buying an avatar should be easy for people who haven’t used any cryptocurrencies.

21 – Avatars – Dragons, Trees, Elves and other characters and skins that Carl has. Although not a designer, he thinks it is worth investing in something good.

23 – Influences – Ready Player One and Snow Crash – Post apocalyptic worlds – Great fun – Central part of Aetheria District. Conference Centre is exciting as well though. Decentraland University. Many others.

25 – How will the experience be ‘stitched together’ in that some lands will not be developed at launch. Will always look local even though it is a complex world. Roads and Plazas are a great way to explore. But flying will be supported by default in places. Plazas will be especially useful.

27 – Do you need to buy land to enjoy Decentraland? Second life land is very expensive due to Monthly fees. Sansar has cheap land and focused on revenue share. Concerts, conferences and games will be a draw in for non-land owners.

29 – Where will Decentraland be in 5 years? – Still evolving . Price and performance of head mounted displays will allow more people to enjoy VR.

30 – Where can new people learn about Decentraland? Discord, blog, Documentation.

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