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Marguerite deCourcelle of Blockade Games


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  1. Finding your path in Crypto – Final Fantasy as a great piece of art. – Transferring value in Ready Player One – Representing visuals as code.
  2. Getting into Puzzles – Riddles, Treasure hunts and mystery.
  3. Transition from Puzzles to complex game design. Marguerite’s strong team. Token Economics is a big piece and important to get right.
  4. Collaboration with Chain Breakers .Axie Infinity is a cool game.
  5. Partnering with Loom as the best value, most flexible option.
  6. Progress on Development.
  7. Raising finance for a crypto game. Very small group of ‘Crypto-Investor-Gamers’.
  8. Doing in game currency in an ethical way. Non Fungible Tokens. Experimenting with NFT standards
  9. Biggest Challenge – Lining up all the pipelines of a game and adding in the blockchain elements.
  10. Dark side of Blockchain Technology. Privacy of money. Games as a way to explore these themes.
  11. Balancing family life with a startup.
  12. Ethics of Loot Boxes
  13. Bitcoin vs Ethereum for game building – Bitcoin the most Robust and Decentralised chain.
  14. The importance of not creating a ‘Fungible Token Barrier’ in gaming.

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