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Marguerite deCourcelle of Blockade Games   iTunes –   Finding your path in Crypto – Final Fantasy as a great piece of art. – Transferring value in Ready Player One – Representing visuals as code. Getting into Puzzles – Riddles, Treasure hunts and mystery. Transition from Puzzles to complex game design. Marguerite’s strong team. Token Economics is a big… Continue reading Marguerite deCourcelle of Blockade Games

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Stream   iTunes 1.00 – Intro  1.40 – From Facebook and Uber to Full Time Crypto 2.40 – Fundraising was surprising 4.25 – Why a mobile wallet? 5.10 – Gaming as an onramp into cryptocurrency.  6.20 – Institutional Investors vs Infrastructure builders.  7.46 – Scaling on Ethereum 9.30 – Airdropping characters as a way… Continue reading John Egan of